Overwhelming Relationship Issues

Couples often begin dating simply because they are physically attracted to each other, but forming a long term relationship takes a bit more substance for most of them. They want to be with someone who is interested in building a future like the one they envision, and few of them are interested in being with a person whose personal issues will take over their lives. Whenever an issue arises, they want a partner to help them solve it instead of letting it take over. When it comes to making the decision to stay or leave, overwhelming relationship issues will often be the balancing point.

The toll of depression

A person who suffers from depression often has a difficult time managing to do anything, so their ability to help a partner is often limited. Some people with this condition are actually better at helping others, but they can do little or nothing about their own issues. It can be difficult for them to find reasons to get up in the morning, and they may depend upon their partner for help as the toll of depression takes over. Living with this type of person can become too much for a partner, and they might decide to leave. For those who realise the value of a person who can solve their issues instead of their own, it might make sense for them to remain in the relationship.

Another issue

Some potential partners seem to be perfect, but they might be hiding their own flaws to gain a relationship. A person of this nature tends to be upbeat all of the time, but their darkness is hidden away until they believe they have bound someone to them so tightly there will be no escape. It might begin with one small issue that is accommodated by their partner, but they another issue will soon surface. Staying in a relationship with this person will eventually force their partner to realise that they will always have issues that need to be compensated for, and leaving could be the wisest choice.

Walking away

The choice to stay often means a great deal of sacrifice, and many people have found that walking away is easier in the modern world. The knowledge that a partner will always need extraordinary help can be overwhelming, so leaving the relationship is now seen as a path to sanity.

It is not easy to form a long term relationship, but finding a partner who has constant issues that need attention can be a good reason to leave. Some partners have issues that affect them in ways that could be positive for a person, but many are so needy they can quickly drag the other person down with them. Leaving is often the best option, but it need not be the end of the search for a good relationship.